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Member Centric

Because Your Members Are Unique…

Undoubtably, the best way for a credit union to compete is to embrace their roots and TAKE CARE OF THE MEMBER. But not all members are alike. This is why we center our analysis around all different demographic and geographic segments of your membership. Then, after understanding the performance and potential for each group, we draw them back in, segment by segment. We use the information we have on each segment to guide you to an effective marketing plan, customized branch plans, relevant product plans, and productive strategic plans.

Credit Union Planning
Credit Union management

Because You're Credit Union is Unique…

We leverage our vast experience and tap into the collective knowledge of the MANY hundreds of credit union's we've closely worked with. But, the INNOVATION begins when we take your unique data and business model and draw out your differences from the rest. This is how we can create winning strategies that are high impact, and with little risk of failure.

Kevin Stang

Unique Credit Union Perspectives…

CUXcel's President and Chief Advisor is Kevin Stang. Kevin began working in the credit union industry immediately upon earning his degree in Marketing. After working as the Head of Marketing for a couple of credit unions, he joined one of the top credit union consulting firms in the country. Since then, and over the past 25+ years, Kevin has worked as a Senior Strategic Advisor, Strategic Consultant, and Director of Strategic Advisory Services. As a career consultant, Kevin has directly worked with almost 400 credit unions to develop strategies and tactics to maximize institution growth and member "give back."

As a foremost thought leader in the credit union industry, Kevin has presented at dozens of national credit union conferences and has facilitated countless management and board planning sessions. With his unparalleled experience and keen analytic mind, he inspires confidence in credit unions as they struggle to "pull the trigger" on innovation.

A well-balanced consultant, Kevin has a great depth of knowledge across most major credit union functions - including marketing, lending, branching, sales, product development, pricing, risk management, and staff development. All of this, coupled with his experience in the board room, has enabled him to become a very effective strategic planning facilitator. All things considered, Kevin will tell you his greatest asset is his unrelenting drive to advance the credit union movement and improve the financial well being of more and more credit union members across the country.

Kevin Stang CUXcel


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