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Branch and Market Applications

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Adapting to meet the changing needs of the financial marketplace while competing with bank giants can be very costly. Without the tools, resources, or time to understand market needs, credit unions can end up just reacting to what larger banks are doing instead of proactively creating winning strategies. We understand your struggles and do not want to see credit unions losing market share.

Over the past 25 years, we've guided 140+ credit unions in using real market intelligence to develop solid market strategies and goals. Instead of wasting money on ineffective product, price, promotion and delivery strategies you’ll now take the guesswork out of market planning and efficiently grow market share instead of watching it erode away.

Every one of our market analysis engagements is custom created to focus exactly on your stated needs. We will determine and use only the exact data you need, while we produce any combination of the solutions below.

Credit Union Branch Management
Existing Branch Plan

The financial marketplace is continually changing. Demographic segments will adapt differently, thus opening up pockets of opportunity. Profile your existing markets and learn how to adapt your products, marketing, delivery, etc. to best meet your market needs.

Measure Market Potential
Expansion Potential

Whether you're exploring a merger, or just building one single branch, it is important to know what output you should expect from the new location(s.) We'll dissect the most advanced market balance potential data and relate it back to your own existing performance metrics. Special consideration wlll be put towards examining your peformance with all different types of market demographics and market competitors. In the end, we can provide estimates for loan and deposit balance output.

Market Demographics
Market Relevance

It is rare to find an individual credit union's demographic mix exactly match their market's demographic mix. This mismatch often reveals pockets of opportunities from just a few unique market segments. We will dive in deep to understand the needs of these key segments and discover ways you can adapt to best fit their needs. Additionally, we will quantify each segment's potential value and do a cost/payoff analysis to determine if it is worth investing in change.

Credit Union Branch Goal Setting
Branch Goal Setting

Setting branch targets can be difficult when you don't really know how differences amongst markets affect potential. There is no way of holding a branch accountable for flimsy goals. This is why we want to remove the bias of varying demographics, different levels of competition, and uneven population growth.

CU Branch Budgeting
Branch Budgeting

No two markets are exactly alike. Branch expenditures should be in alignment with the varying levels of competition, growth, and potential. Therefore, we will determine the true potential that exists for each and every product and service at the branch level. Only then can you budget the right amount dollars and resources to the growth of each branch.

Credit Union Market Area Analysis
Market Action Plan

From marketing to product design, market data has a place in all areas of the credit union. A full market plan puts the focus back on the member and potential member. Learn about your audience and then plan accordingly. Use member data to retain members, use market data to retain members AND grow new members.

Branch and Market Analysis Video

Some Credit Unions Are NOT Reopening Temporarily Closed Locations


[2020-0622, 12 Min.]


  • [00:48] Pros to keeping the branch closed
  • [02:23] How to Predict the Decline in Members and Balances
  • [06:36] What kind of Decline to Expect
  • [08:47] Cons and how to Manage them

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