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About Our Service

It is like Year-Round Strategic Planning

At CUXcel, we guide "CUs to Xcel" by assisting with the execution of the strategies we help you create. With our Plan Management and Advisory Service (PMAS), your planning facilitator becomes your coach, there to integrate your strategic plan into your “everyday.”

We will help you to (1) keep the plan on track, and (2) execute your plan with excellence.

As change occurs, we will govern the plan modifications and challenge the team whenever they feel due dates need to be pushed.

Our Partnership

Guiding you to Execute with Excellence

The PMAS combines the plan management you need (below-1st row) when your everyday jobs get in the way, and the experience and expertise (below-2nd row) you want to deliver better results. All in all, it is as if your planning engagement never ended and your facilitator is in the trenches with you.

Manage the Plan

  • Track down and maintain updates
  • Lead regular status meetings
  • Press on Lead Measures
  • Govern plan adaptions & changes
  • Keep the plan relevant and treat it as a living document

Manage the Playbook

  • Collect and report all updates
  • Help keep lead measures fresh
  • Customize dashboards to be compelling and motivating
  • Analyze successes and failures and suggest adjustments

Guide Accountability

  • Transition into “new normal”
  • Highlight successes
  • Sustain cadence
  • Drive individual engagement
  • Solicit help when one team member falls behind.

Guide Culture Shift

  • Advise on web & marketing look, feel, focus, and messaging to align with the brand promise
  • Work on ways the front line can represent the CU as more than just great rates and lower fees

One-on-One Advisory

  • Continuous reinforcement of key Principles that drive execution
  • Leverage the knowledge of 370+ CU’s as your CU acts on initiatives
  • Keep watch and provide support should motivation start to slide

Optional Plan Refresh

  • Conduct a half-day “mini planning session” onsite or virtually
  • Pre-Meeting Surveys to probe for potential course corrections
  • Reinvigorate the team, celebrate successes and reward the team

Your Culture Transformation

  • MONTH 1, Obtain a successful launch

    As we step back into our Whirlwind our instinct will be to procrastinate. Your advisor will help to ensure the first update meeting has “updates,” and the plan has “lift off."

    Overcome Resistance

  • month 2, Drive Team Engagement

    Culture shifts need continuous reinforcement. And for some, it is hard to translate the message to key front-line employees and in marketing. We will assist with getting the right message out.

    This is Everyone's Plan. If one person falls behind, we are all behind.

  • month's 3-4, Establish a Cadence

    As you near 3 months, some team members will be more focused on making deadlines vs. executing with excellence. We will work to prevent this, and at the least ensure top objectives get full attention.

    This is our "New Normal"

  • Months 5-6, Drive Excellence in Execution

    Throughout the engagement we are sharing advice for executing initiatives and the best practices of 370+ CUs. At this halfway point, team members will have become accustomed to calling on the advisor.

    Little Victories drive Motivation

  • Months 7-8, Focus on Predictive Measures

    Little victories and team engagement are driving motivation. We will leverage this as we create and press on new lead measures that are predictive of the objective targets and CU goals.

    Play to Win, Instead of Playing Not to Lose

  • Months 9-11, Maintain the Cadence

    Goals exist, in large part, to give us something to work towards. At this point, we may find we are not going to reach some targets. We will be there to ensure no momentum is lost as we celebrate the wins.

    The Greatest Win is an Engaged Team

Let's C-U-Xcel!

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