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Product Development Service

Keys to Success

For 23 years, we have executed hundreds of projects to update, refresh, add, and change credit union products. We will guide your credit union with the right analytics to capture current and future opportunities in order to make more confident product decisions. Instead of wasting money on ineffective design, price, promotion and e-channel strategies; you’ll now take the guesswork out of product development & management and know how to maximize growth and earnings. We offer three(3) Retail Product Development Services: Retail Deposits, Checking only, Retail Loans.

Internal Data

We will visit your institution onsite and create all reports and output using the research and tools you are already using today. At the conclusion, we will have a strong assessment of your member needs and your ability to fulfill those needs.

Market Data

Using advanced market analytics, we will run Behavioral Segmentation studies to pair product features, pricing, channels, etc. with market and member needs. We'll look at future needs using metrics on Population changes and Demographic shifts over the next 5yrs.

Competitive Study

When it comes to competition, you're NOT there to follow them, but rather to force them to follow you. That said, we will assess the specific product demand they have created locally and determine your ability to disrupt the local buying habits through innovating on your own.

Product Design

This is a team effort. We will present the data and discuss with your leadership the credit union's new direction. From our collaboration, we will learn where we need to better cultivate existing products, better communicate value, replicate leading market offers, and/or innovate with a new market offer.

Financial Impact

Once your product strategy is drafted, it needs to be validated. We will take all available data and build it into a Financial Impact Model. The model will allow you to customize inputs to ultimately look at best/worse case scenarios.


At CUXcel, we guide our clients to success and offer the tools and coaching needed for continued success. That said, we don’t believe in dropping a report with recommendations you may or may not be able to execute. Instead, we'll provide continued advisory for entire year allowing you time to launch your new product(s)


1. Provide an Employee List 2. Pre-Launch Conference Call 3. We will Collect Responses & Report 4. Optional Presentation with a Full Report

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